Saturday, August 11, 2012

Month 2: Masquerade Mini Challenge

You have been cordially invited to a masquerade ball...

This ball isn't like any other ball you have been to or dreamed of. This is the Masquerade Mini Challenge Ball. 

Welcome to the first mini challenge! This month is all about Masquerade. We are keeping it simple for this one and only have, but a few simple questions for you! You know this takes part in the book and we want to know what your ideal Masquerade would be like.

Here are the questions, you can be as elaborate as you want and even use pictures.
  • What would be your ideal costume?
  • Describe what your mask would look like. Would you keep it simple, go a little funky, or even go without a disguise.
  • Who would be your dream date?
  • And lastly, What kind of venue would you want it to be in?
Particpating in the Mini Challenge is not only fun, but also rewarding! How you might ask? For every challenge you do, you get extra entries into the Grand Prize. Next month is a special prize, but we wouldn't want to ruin that, now would we? Just make a blog post and link it below. Good Luck, Have Fun, and Be Creative!!

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