Saturday, November 24, 2012

Month 5 Mini Challenge: Katrina's Review of Bloody Valentine

Published: December 28, 2010

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Blurb: The Blue Bloods have powers beyond human comprehension: strength that defies logic, speed that cannot be captured on film, the ability to shape-shift, and more. But in matters of the heart, no one, not even those immortal vampires, has total control. In Bloody Valentine, part of the best-selling Blue Bloods series, author Melissa de la Cruz offers three tantalizing stories that delve deep into the love lives of the all-powerful vamps (and their Red Blood friends) from New York's Upper East Side. Might a witchy new girl help cure Oliver's broken heart? How did Allegra fall in love with a human? Will Schuyler and Jack finally be bonded?

Romantic and sensual, Bloody Valentine reveals the undying love, the hope and devastation, and the lust and longing that have defined the Blue Bloods throughout history. Prepare to be swept off your feet.

I think the story I loved the most out of this novella was Oliver's.  The poor guy just wanted to be with his love.  We did get a glimpse into the witches from Witches of East End. I haven't read those books yet, but meeting Freya makes me want to.  Allegra's story is heart breaking.  I've never been one to figure out why you can't choose for love. I know the circumstances, but still.  Also, Schuyler still seems to annoy me.  She bugged me in Misguided Angel, and does so in this one.  Although, I appreciate the craftiness in making her dress.  That made my crafty side smile. :D Lost in Time is next, and was one of my faves, so I'll be happy to finally get to jump into it next weekend. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Katrina's Review of Misguided Angel

Published: October 26, 2010

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Blurb:After inheriting the dark Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler fled to Florence with her forbidden love, Jack. Now the two of them must embark on the mission Schuyler was destined to complete: to find and protect the five remaining gates that guard the earth from Lucifer, lord of the Silver Bloods.

Back in New York, Mimi has been elected Regent of a crumbling coven. Struggling with her heartache over the loss of Kingsley and with her overwhelming desire to destroy Jack, she must focus all of her energy on a perilous new threat. Vampires are being abducted and their captors are planning to burn them alive online...for all the world to see. Help arrives in the form of Deming Chen, a Venator from Shanghai, who must untangle the web of deceptions before the killers strike again.

As the young vampires struggle for the survival of the coven, they uncover a deadly secret, a truth first discovered by Schuyler’s mother during the Renaissance but kept buried for centuries. And as the Blue Blood enclave weakens yet further, fate leads Schuyler to a terrible choice that will ultimately map the destiny of her heart.

I began to really like Mimi in this book.  She seems more "human."  She truly cares for the Coven, and it's members.  She also realizes that she doesn't really hate Oliver all the much.  

Oh, Deming.  She's a kick-ass Venator.  She does her job to the best of her abilities, and doesn't give up.  I completely forgot she was a key player in this book.  

Schuyler annoyed me.  I think it's because she is so needy when it comes to Jack.  I'm used to her being strong and self assured.  

We get a peek at Nephilim, and I had a ton of questions regarding possibilities with Bliss after I finished reading. 

It was great seeing a lot more of Mimi showing emotions that do not include snobbery.  I want to start Lost in Time NOW!  But I'll be a good girl, and wait until December 1st to start it.  


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Month 5 Mini Challenge

This month's mini challenge will be to read and review Bloody Valentine.  It's the novella that comes between Misguided Angel and Lost in Time.

All you have to do is post a review on your blog, goodreads, or email us to post it on this blog. :D Doing this will provide you an extra entry for the grand prize!!!

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BBRAL Month 5 Reviews: Misguided Angel

Today begins the read-a-long of the fifth book in the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz, Misguided Angel.  Join us as we enter Schuyler's world.  Liz and I will both post are reviews as we finish our read.  We can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts as we make our way through the series.

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All reviews should be posted by midnight on November 30th.  Thank you all so much for reading along and sharing in the love we have for this series.

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