Sunday, September 9, 2012

Month 3: Revelations Mini Challenge

We interrupt the Revelations mini challenge to bring you a...

                      WOLF PACT mini challenge.

How could we not do a Wolf Pact challenge with its release being this month. :) Even though there has been much ranting (on my part) and confusion (with both of us) we have decided to go ahead with the Wolf Pact challenge.

What you will be winning? Well it is your choice. Since US only has e-copies available only (sigh, I know!)  You can have either the e-copy or we can order a UK paperback edition from TBD. The only problem with that might be major waiting. So we leave that up to you.

How can you win Wolf Pact? I am so glad you asked.

This challenge is simple, but you have to put on your thinking caps. Here are the details.
  • Part One- Go through your books...find ones that have wolves or werewolves or hellhounds as main characters or part of the story. Use the titles to make a story of your own. (if there is a book you don't have, but want to use it for your story, that is fine. Just try to use books you have because it is used in part two.) The story only has to be 4-6 sentences long. Just be creative!
Example: Once in a Full Moon a girl is Stolen. She is  taken to the Sisters Red forest. There she is a Bitten and cursed to become the predator or the Prey. **cheesy, I know, but you get what we mean.
  • Part Two- Take a picture of the stack of books showing the titles and add it in with your story. Also if the book is on your ereader. Just add that to the pile you take the picture of. If you have a interesting way of wanting to add in your ebooks, go ahead!!

That is it. Have fun, Be Creative and don't forget to link your stories down below. Katrina and I are excited to read them and see what y'all come up with. Contest Ends: September 30th. Winner will be announced and emailed. You will have 48 hours to respond before a new person will be picked.


  1. Okay exactly what do we have to do? I am not understanding it.

    1. you go through your books and find titles of books that have werewolves, wolves, or hellhounds in them. Use the titles in and write your own short story (example above). Take a picture of the books just in a stack showing the titles and add it in the post with the story. Any other questions, just ask.

  2. if multiple books in a single series have mentions, do we have to put them all in, or just the series name?