Friday, July 13, 2012

Elizabeth's Review of Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods by: Melissa De La Cruz

My Thoughts: This is my second time reading Blue Bloods and I enjoyed it more this time than the first time I read it. Blue Bloods is beyond detailed. The pages come to life right in front of you and even if you haven’t been to New York it made you feel like it was a familiar place. Everything just had this perfect meticulous detail. It felt like I was at Duchesne with them or sitting in Penthouse Du Reves with Bliss. As well as riding in a taxi with Schuyler, seeing the scenery change heading towards her house. I’ve never felt so enveloped in a book that I almost felt a part of it. The historical aspect of this book was remarkable. I have to say Melissa has some major balls to take such a significant part of American history and put her own spin on it. Everything just came together seamlessly and even when I had questions on certain things, she tied them in beautifully.

One thing I realized early on about this book is it can be slightly unrealistic. A majority of teens can’t walk around with $400 dollar jeans or get into nightclubs. I think that is what made the book so appealing though. I got to step inside the world of the rich and privileged and take a peek around. It is a great reality escape and Melissa De La Cruz had no problem of making me get swept up in the world.

The vampire part of Blue Bloods was fascinating. I love that it wasn’t you typical vampire story. The way it tied in with the historical part was incredible. The process of the vampires was pretty neat and all the different cycles they had. You aren’t just born a vampire or bitten and made into one. I like that it was made into a society and it fit in with the wholes rich New York feel. I like that the story doesn’t come right out as a vampire book. Though you get a glimpse through certain point of views, it becomes more pronounced about a fourth of a way in. The denial in Blue Bloods about the bad things that were happening was a little absurd to me. I don’t know why some of the characters want to act blinded about it when it is practically happening in front of them. I enjoyed the fact that the vampires have to fear for once and it’s not the vampires putting fear into others.

Even though the book switched point of views, I feel like the main storyline was based on Schuyler. Schuyler isn’t my favorite character but I enjoy her storyline. I like how naive and reserved she is, even down to her clothes. Sometimes she can come off as over sensitive. Even though it is only book one, I think Schuyler has to deal with a lot and learn things fast. I think by the end of the book Schuyler really grew bold. When she starts to figure out what is happening, she isn’t afraid to ask questions.

I love Mimi’s character. Some people see her as bitchy, but I love her snarky attitude. Her relationship with Jack was a little odd at first, but when it’s explained toward the end of Blue Bloods it makes things a lot clearer. Even though I could relate more to Bliss as a character, everyone loves to hate the bad girl. Bliss was probably my favorite character. Going from being a southern girl and thrown into the New York social scene can be overwhelming and she handled herself well. Even though she was popular and had boys falling all over her, she still had insecurities. There is also a big mystery about Bliss and I can’t wait to discover it…again.

I am surprised at how strong some of the sexual scenes are. Most YA books are tame, but I love the heat that simmers through the pages of Blue Bloods. The love stories were enjoyable, some came off as predictable and others left you wondering how you didn’t figure it out. In Blue Bloods I am not a huge fan of any of the boys. Though they are noteworthy, I don’t have any swoon moments for them. But like I said it is only book one.

The ending definitely leaves you on a somber note, but you realize that it is about to get exciting. This book takes you off to vivid world that you don’t want to leave. All vampire lovers need to sink their teeth into this one.

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